Friday, March 7, 2014

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nokia - Your Wish Is My App - Season 2

India’s only app reality show, Nokia - Your Wish Is My App is back. And Season 2 is going to be bigger and better. So, go ahead: think of a great app idea, share it with us and we'll make it for you. And the best part is, you don’t just get a chance to be featured on our NDTV show, you also get to be a millionaire!

Winners from Nokia - YWMA - Season 1 with Priyanka Chopra.
My snap - captured Live from NDTV YWMA telecast.
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Enterprise Mobility Trends – Mobile First Strategy

Enterprises have now started moving forward with Mobile first strategy, adopting Mobility as their primary IT platform to transform their business processes. They are migrating to the latest generation of smartphone and tablets using BYOD without compromising on enterprise data security or overlooking employee privacy. Graduating from email on mobile to business critical apps that can increase their competitiveness in the market and looking forward to identify new business models & user interactions that are possible only through mobile to provide exponential ROI.

What they do need the most – MDM, MEAP, MAM, MDP or other Enterprise Mobility enablers or a combination of all of them ?  

Stay tuned for more on this topic... 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Test Automation focus on Mobile application testing

         Test Automation focus on Mobile application testing – Looking at the challenges of this space created due to network, platform & device diversities and in increasing complexity of mobile apps all traditional test automation tool are extending their capabilities in mobile space  On the mobile side till now, screen/image comparison tools were used for functional automation with platform like device anywhere and now a new type of mobile testing automation tool which work on object comparisons like mAutomate are getting lot of traction due to their capabilities of asynchronous remote testing of mobile application over-the-air and reporting of performance numbers along with test results.  

Friday, January 11, 2013

Enterprises to adopt hybrid app development strategy

1      Enterprises to adopt hybrid app development strategy – with high diversity in mobile devices and tablets which are expected to be used by enterprise workforce (with BYOD coming), the enterprises will be surely moving on from native apps to hybrid where they can support multiple device platforms and form factor diversity using single code base. The next generation of true hybrid application development platforms like eMobilizer will fuel this growth. They provide structured development of single codebase using HTML 5,CSS 3 and Java script which can blend together with native containers that can render it using platform native controls to provide platform specific User  experience.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Five major trends in Mobile for 2013

Mobile continues to be the key focus area of growth in the ecosystem around us. The growing internet traffic from various mobile devices had forced all business consultants to focus on mobile as a major channel for delivery of services and reach-out to their existing & prospective consumers.

Enterprises mobility is no more restricted to email/exchange but are now focusing on mobility of their workforce and empowering it with mobile apps which can help them with quick response and faster decision making.

High end dual/quad core processors are getting popular on mobile/tablets, which allows for more complex applications to be developed for the diversified set of mobile device platforms starting now from iOS, Android to WP8 and BB10.

Five major trends that I can predict for 2013 and you all will see are:
  1. Enterprises to adopt hybrid app development strategy
  2. Test Automation focus on Mobile application testing 
  3. Customization of Android Tablets in various Industry verticals
  4. WP8 & BB10 will start showing their presence in consumer & Enterprise space
  5. BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

Stay tuned for more details on each of these above….

Connected Information Device Ecosystem and Moving Trends

User is looking for synchronized Information across various connected devices including mobile and non-mobile devices. This leads to the emergence of new ‘connected’ information devices ranging from Smart televisions to personal hand-held devices. This multimode information delivery system empowers the ‘user’ to be more productive. Switching frequently from one connected device to other, User expects the application to manage its session & state for the user to continue on the other device. This trend creates an ‘ecosystem’ – comprising the matrix of devices along with the latest and authenticated Information flowing through for each User.  

User expects consistent UX of an application across all devices, and does not want a new learning curve for each device. On the other side, Enterprise App Providers’ are exploring the way to manage single codebase for each delivery platform and want to hold their ‘User’ keeping the cost of production low. This scenario has pushed towards ‘Technology Neutral’ UI engineering to deliver consistent UX irrespective of the end device. 

True Hybrid app development frameworks like eMobilizer are available in the market now that actually blends the platform independent HTML based UI components and render them on the target platform using native UI controls, to not only match the UI look&feel of the target platform but also provide platform specific User experience to the end users - using single platform neutral code base.

Introduction of HTML5 and the blend of mark-up languages with ‘scripted programs’ opens up a new horizon for delivering ‘smart’ and stable interfaces. Cloud powered Smart Hybrid Application architecture adds a new dimension to handle the aspect of application delivery and device computational power.

Emergence of devices like Smart TV - promotes the fusion of media with information. On the other side, social platform promotes user to be connected to each other. This inter fusion of these two worlds creates a new space in the world of Information Technology, Media and Entertainment. Businesses are looking forward to take advantage of getting connected to new and prospective customers and keen to be ‘present’ on every possible information device in the ‘ecosystem’.

Trends show that Users not only expect latest Information, but want authenticated personal data/information for instant interpretation and consumption to enhance productivity. This trend leads to Interface designs to ease out the user while interacting with large volumes of information. On the other hand, user wants to secure his personal/private information, so the security aspect of the devices in ‘connected device ecosystem’ is really going to be a challenging area.

We all have seen how web apps have been extended to mobile & Smartphones in the past, and now all of them are quickly moving to iPad and other tablets. Current forecast indicate 350 million connected TVs set to be sold by 2015 and related TV applications are predicted to generate a remarkable $1.7 Billion in annual revenue by 2013.  This will force all successful connected apps to extend to smart TV and touch screen based business TVs.